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Our yard is open for DRIVE-THRU style shopping, simply order and pay at our drive-up office in our yard. Whenever possible, we will load your vehicle or trailer for you.

O’Flaherty’s Landscaping has designed, built, & exceeded customer expectations. Jim O’Flaherty and his crew of trades people have proven time and again to be the best landscape investment you will make.

Design, Balance, Function, and Endurance, not to mention perfectionists and attention to detail are the keys to O'Flaherty's success. We guarantee quality products and masterful work, that results in complete customer satisfaction.


Our landscaping and interlock work spans the GTA from residential to commercial.

"I really enjoy this industry. Here, we get to take a job from start to finish in a matter of days or weeks, and I get a lot of gratification out of that."


Jim O’Flaherty, Owner

Our Services

For queries about landscaping projects you can contact the Garden Centre directly at 905-666-4263

Design, Balance, Function, and Endurance

Welcome to O'Flaherty's Landscaping and Garden Supply Centre

Products & Services

Our products come pre-bagged. Bulk orders (by half and full yards) will be loaded in an open truck bed or trailer only. You are not permitted to bag your own or use your own containers. 


We accept Cash, Debit and Credit.

When visiting our garden centre and yard, please remember that machines and trucks are always entering and exiting and moving throughout the property. Please keep your children with you at all times and pets on a leash

O’Flaherty’s offers the following services. Please contact us directly for additional information and appointments for estimates.

Landscaping and Garden Supply Centre

How We Got Started
From 1987-1993 O’Flaherty’s Landscaping had been growing and had established a reputation in Durham for quality work.


The opportunity to have a retail location sandwiched between Ajax and Whitby seemed like a logical next step. With a few rolls of sod, bags of topsoil, shrubs & flowers we opened for business and serving the GTA. 

Landscape Supply

We offer a wide range of pavers, slabs, wall and stair options for your professional and DIY projects. 

We Carry

  • Pavers & Bricks

  • Slabs & Patio Stone

  • Wall & Stairs

  • Decorative Stone

  • Statues and Benches


Stepping Stones, Statues and Benches



2021 Product


​Garden Supply

We offer a wide range of soils, decorative stone, mulches, gravel and screening for your DIY projects. 


We Carry

  • Screen Top Soil

  • Triple Mix

  • Sand

  • Ultra Fine Compost

  • Top Dresser

  • Black, Red &
    Brown Mulch

  • Screening

  • 3/4 Crush

  • 3/4 Clear

  • Pea Gravel

  • Decorative Stone - White & Onyx

  • River Rock


Sod arrives fresh all season long. Our sod is grown locally and is quality Kentucky Blue Grass. Sold by the roll.

Each roll covers 9 sq ft. (1-1/4 ft x 6-3/4ft)

​Seasonal Plants

Our Garden Centre is open from May to October offering Annuals, Perennials and Vegetables. Our knowledgable staff can help you with choosing the right plants for your space and how to grow them. Spring, Summer and Fall Flowers available.

Trees and Shrubs

Our Garden Centre is open from May to October offering flowering shrubs, trees, a variety of evergreens and cedar hedging.

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