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Since 1987 O’Flaherty’s Landscaping has designed, built, & exceeded our customer expectations. Jim O’Flaherty and his crew of trades people have proven time and again to be the best landscape investment.
Design, Balance, Function, and Endurance, not to mention a perfectionists attention to Detail are the keys to our success.

Why Hire O’Flaherty’s Landscaping?

* Designs for Practicality & Curb Appeal
* Full Time Dedicated Trades People
* Quality Workmanship In Every Detail
* Signature Weed Proof Patios
* 3 Year Written Guarantee
* Jim is Hands On - Concept to Completion


Jim O’Flaherty had worked in construction and landscaping before starting the business. He favored landscaping, though the work was backbreaking, as almost everything was done by hand.

So what was the attraction?

Jim noticed the industry was swimming with “fly by night” companies, all offering the lowest price. This presented opportunity for someone offering Quality & Value.
Jim explained, “Landscaping projects generally take from a few days, to a few weeks, and crew members contribute to the project from start to finish. With this environment, “Pride in Workmanship” is easily encouraged.”
Spring of 1987, with an old pick-up truck, and some used equipment, O’Flaherty’s Landscaping began.


Checkout our FULL GALLERY for more photos of our work.

Landscaping by Jim
Landscaping by Jim
Landscaping by Jim
Landscaping by Jim
Landscaping by Jim
Landscaping by Jim


O’Flaherty's offers the following services.
Please CONTACT US directly for additional information and quotes.

Lanscape Design

Natural or Paving Stone (Interlocking Stone)

  • Pre Cast
  • Poured Concrete
  • Natural Stone
  • Timber

Retaining Walls, Steps and Planters

  • Pre Cast
  • Poured Concrete
  • Natural Stone
  • Timber

Poured Concrete

Foundation Repairs and Waterproofing

Grading and Sodding

Tree and Garden Bed Planting

Decks, Fences and Pergolas


1675 Victoria Street, at Lakeridge Rd.
Whitby, ON

Open 7 Days

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For queries about landscaping work you can contact the Garden Centre directly or call 905-666-4263.

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